Booty Bounce : Pizza

Today’s episode is brought to you by the word Pizza. Booty Bounce has evolved. It has been retooled to convey the message of the mother signal more clearly. This episode features a music video for Laserblood’s “Oh Yeah, Ah Yeah, Oh Ah Oh Ah”, trailer for the upcoming film Pizza Dad by TA-CO! Films and some pretty vivid truths.

I’ve been watching far too much Infochammel, and have found myself, almost as if cursed, creating things like this during the late-night hours.

I’m a huge fan of Davy Force, PFFR, Tim and Eric and Douggpound, and have been suckling on their teets since I first laid digital eyes on that supple, supple, milk.

This video was created using stock footage found on YouTube, loops from places like Partners In Rhyme, Flashkit, FreeSound and Looperman.

Edited & Designed by Corey Watson / Laserblood.
Song “Oh Yeah, Ah Yeah, Oh Ah Oh Ah” by Corey Watson / Laserblood (coming soon to