Booty Bounce : OG Booty Bounce Kush

Booty Bounce “Original Bounce” is about what we all have done under the moon. Today’s episode features ads for a new summer camp found in the Region and a trailer for the latest film from TA-CO! Films, ‘Return To Taco Mountain’. Original Bounce features 100% original music made by me with stock / default Fruity Loops beats.

I’ve been watching far too much Infochammel, and have found myself, almost as if cursed, creating things like this during the late-night hours.

I’m a huge fan of Davy Force, PFFR, Tim and Eric and Douggpound, and have been suckling on their teets since I first laid digital eyes on that supple, supple, milk.

This video was created using stock footage found on YouTube.

Edited & Designed by Corey Watson / Laserblood.
All music by Corey Watson / Laserblood + a computer.